How Does EMS Training Work?

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You may have heard about Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. However, you may also be suspicious of how EMS training actually works…

This makes sense, since a new ‘life-changing’ fitness fad appears every five minutes. EMS training is far more than just another exercise trend promising “your best body yet.” Here’s why:

How EMS Training Works

The Science Behind EMS Training

Stimulating muscles using electrical impulses is based on natural processes within our bodies. The brain sends messages to muscles in the form of electrical impulses. These impulses then stimulate chosen muscle groups until they are activated. EMS training uses this concept to help clients build muscle and boost strength.

During an EMS training session, a personal trainer leads the client through a targeted workout routine. The client wears an EMS electro harness which allows electrical impulses to be delivered to muscles through the skin. Electrical stimulation causes painless muscle contractions which intensify any exercise done.

Although EMS training is safe and effective, people with certain chronic illnesses will need medical approval before starting training.

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Studies on EMS Training

Many independent scientific studies find EMS to be a safe and effective form of exercise. German Sport University Cologne, the world’s largest sports university, found a 74% increase in core muscle strength in study participants after 3 months of EMS training. EMS training has also been demonstrated as an effective weight loss technique. Participants in a University of Bayreuth & University of Erlangen-Nuremberg study lost an average of 4% body fat.

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EMS Training vs Conventional Training

Unlike hitting the gym, EMS training is effective with only a small time investment. Rather than daily visits, twenty minutes of EMS once weekly is more than enough. This is because EMS allows for multiple muscle groups to be targeted at once. There’s no risk of skipping leg day with ultra-efficient EMS training, as it all happens at once!

More muscle groups also means seeing visible results sooner, in an average of just four sessions. This is not surprising, as EMS training burns an average of 40% more calories per session than conventional training.

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