Get a full body workout in just 20 minutes per week

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Everyone wants to look and feel their best. It’s just a question of finding the time to put your body through its paces. Pulse Fitness Studio in Langebaan offers a full body workout in just 20 minutes with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. Take advantage of our winter promotion and discover how one weekly session can help you take charge of your strength and fitness.

How does EMS training give a full body workout?

EMS training applies electrical impulses to activate multiple muscle groups simultaneously. At any given time, traditional gym training uses far fewer muscle groups than EMS training.

The truth is: Our bodies are designed to conserve energy. This default energy conservation mode prevents too many muscle fibres from being activated at once. With a little electrical stimulation, we can override this setting and spend less time training without compromising on results.

Can anyone add EMS training to their fitness regime?

Does the word ‘electrical’ sound a bit unnatural to you? EMS training simply mimics what the body does best. Micro-currents power all of our bodily functions. Decades of scientific research support EMS training, in terms of both its benefits and its safety.

Please note that certain medical conditions are contraindicated for EMS training. These include, but are not limited to, pacemakers, diabetes mellitus, neurological illness, and pregnancy. Discuss any medical conditions with your personal trainer before training commences.

Why should I only train once a week?

EMS training may be a low time commitment. However, it is definitely not low intensity exercise.
As multiple muscle groups are targeted at once, your body requires rest and recovery after every session. This intensity makes a mere 20 minutes a week more than enough.

What can I expect from EMS training with Pulse Fitness Studio?

1. A personalised experience

A personal trainer is present at every session to assist clients on their fitness journeys. Each client is guided through a tailored plan of isometric or dynamic strength exercises. Trainers also provide fitness assessments to help clients create a path towards their unique fitness goals.

2. A flexible fitness solution

Unlike traditional gyms, Pulse Fitness won’t make clients commit to an annual contract too soon. We offer pay-as-you-go sessions, as well as a competitively priced annual package. Bookings essential.

Intrigued by EMS training? Take advantage of our free trial session at Pulse Fitness Studio. Get in touch today to book your taster of what EMS training can offer you.

Our Winter EMS Training Promotions

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